Sometimes Joey, and every now and again Brosephs. I’m a software developer from Northern California and .NET Core fanatic soaking up all things C#, and if I’m feeling a little adventurous, trek into Rust and Python land. By day, you’ll find me working with technologies in IBM, Java, DB2, IntelliJ, Angular… among a plethora of other things.

Between Two Brackets is my technology playground, a sandbox for experimentation and bug creation as far as the eye can see. I’m not an expert in any sense of the word; just a 27 year old software engineer looking for a reason to write some code outside of the 8 to 5 world. If you like what I do, checkout my GitHub page or feel free to shoot me an email.

What is Between Two Brackets?

Between Two Brackets is my technology timeshare for all things software, .NET, and anything I might feel like writing about that week. I spend a lot of my spare time traversing the .NET ecosystem, playing with beta version libraries, and trying not to break my existing production environments, so I did what every developer does and decided the world should read my really, really important thoughts.

What do you write about?

Code, .NET, sometimes Rust, probably Bay Area sports, and why I love Northern California beer the most.

What’s your favorite programming language?

C#, followed closely by Fortran (not really).

Any hobbies?

Adventuring to new breweries, attempting to stay out of the triple digits while golfing, snagging a line (or three) fishing, and spending time with my family, friends, and soon-to-be wife.

Spaces or tabs?