Well, I finally did it. I took the time to relax, jot down some thoughts, and try to convince myself that readers might actually want to hear my opinions about suds and software. Fascinating right? I figured I’d spend at least a post of how Between Two Brackets came to be, what I hope to accomplish, and the future of Bay Area sports (possibly).

What is Between Two Brackets?

Between Two Brackets is the progenitor of an idea that my obsession with all things code born out of passion for proper variable naming convention, alongside a somewhat component 26 year old software engineer with strong opinions about Java, could hopefully craft words worth reading. My goal with Between Two Brackets is to write about things that may peak the interest of young programmers, scratch golfers, and craft beer connoisseurs like myself and encourage us to extend beyond our comfort zones, whether that may be trying a new brewery, or swapping out our tried-and-true SQL database for MongoDB (probably not, I have no clue what I’m talking about when it comes to NoSQL).

What do you write about?

Code, .NET Core, databases, software patterns, craft beers I might be rather found of that week, and everything inbetween, hopefully bridging the gap and bringing the two together in perfect harmony as the universe intended it.

Simply put, this is Between Two Brackets. I hope you laugh about the things I write about, why I tend to curse Javascript to the high heavens, and why it’s not a crime to enjoy a Pabst Blue Ribbon from time to time. I hope you enjoy your stay, learn something new, and pass on the favor to a fellow developer.

Welcome to Between Two Brackets!